How long does it take for an exterminator to get rid of ants?

If you have ants in your home, you may wonder how long it will take to exterminate them. There are several factors that determine how long it takes to kill an ant colony. Home treatments may be temporarily effective, but DIY methods tend to take much longer to work than extermination with professional help. When one of our experienced exterminators treats your ant infestation, it may take more than one visit to kill the colony.

Improvement should be seen quickly, but complete elimination can take anywhere from several weeks to a couple of months.

Pest Control

Inc. can eliminate the entire colony and all nests, but knowledge, experience, training and the right equipment are needed. After initial treatment with a professional exterminator, you will see an improvement in your pest problem.

However, it can take several weeks or several months and several appointments to completely resolve the situation. Ants will follow what is known as an olfactory trail. As they move, they leave behind chemicals that contain pheromones. Other ants that follow them are able to do so because they can sense pheromones and carry them directly to the food source.

Unfortunately, that source may be in your home. That's why you often see ants following the same path, even though it doesn't make all sense. You're seeing ants crawling across your kitchen floor or you've found them en masse in the bathroom. What can you do? There are several DIY options for getting rid of ants, or you can choose to use a pest control service.

If you choose the latter, you'll get the best results if you know what to expect from the service and take some simple steps to prepare for extermination. Not only will this make it easier for pest control professionals to do their jobs, but it will also improve the chances of eliminating ants completely. After the initial treatment, you should start seeing fewer ants in a few days as the colony begins to die. The only thing that will interrupt this process is the customer.

However, certain ant species may be resistant to ant traps. This means that an ant exterminator has to treat the colony directly. To do this, an ant exterminator will follow the ant lines to its source. They will then treat the colony with a residual repellent powder.

If the colony is behind a wall, the ant control company may need to drill small holes and apply the residual repellent powder with a feather duster to reach the colony directly. Once the house is sealed and secure against new ants, an ant control company will get rid of the ants inside your home. Baiting is the preferred control method because, to solve an ant problem, you must first eliminate the ants you don't see to get rid of the ants you do see. Getting rid of ants is no easy task, which is one of the reasons why ant pest control is such a popular service.

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