Will pest control get rid of mice?

Exterminators use a variety of methods to get rid of mice. Pest control specialists usually start by sealing all possible entry points, such as gaps in windows and cracks in foundations. The most efficient methods of exterminating mice are those administered by professionals trained in pest control. Contact your local expert to arrange an inspection and consultation.

Exterminators set mousetraps and mousetraps in smart places around the house. These hot spots include the attic, mezzanines, and the corners of your basement, if you have one. Professionals never set traps in food areas or common areas where you and your family hang out. Insects and rodents can contaminate food, damage homes, and worsen asthma and allergies.

Chemicals used to eliminate pests can also cause health problems. Pesticides can adhere to carpets, furniture, and other surfaces in your home and are dangerous to people and pets if not used properly. The extermination of mice and rats is almost always a temporary solution to a much larger and extensive problem. A team enters, looks for signs of mice and rats, spreads their chemical poisons, traps or baits, and returns in time to pick up dead bodies.

Some exterminating companies don't return to pick up dead rodents and expect you to dispose of them yourself. Terminix is one of the best professional pest control companies for mouse disposal and preventive rodent control methods. Terminix is a leading provider of termite and pest control services in the United States and offers the Terminix promise that if you are not satisfied within 30 days of an inspection or treatment, the company will correct you. If you are a property owner or maintenance worker seeking guidance on pest control, visit Pest Control Information for Building Owners, Managers, Supervisors, and Workers.

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