How long does it take for pest control to get rid of fleas?

Keep in mind that total flea removal can take up to 4 weeks, so be patient. Prepare to leave your home or apartment during treatment and until the insecticide has completely dried. This will take approximately three to five hours, or the time recommended by your pest control operator. Take your pets (including caged animals such as birds, reptiles and hamsters) with you when you leave home and have a veterinarian treat pets with fur for fleas.

Remove all pets and have a veterinarian treat them for fleas. If you plan to treat the animal yourself, it is essential that you follow all instructions on the label and that you use only products specified for the species of animal in which the product is to be used. However, it is essential that pets are treated at the same time as at home so that neither pet infests the other again afterwards. Also, consider using a flea repellent to help prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Professional flea treatments generally produce an immediate reduction in the number of adult fleas in the home. Visit our website 552 Williamson RDMooresville, North Carolina 28117 (33 841-6111). Before your flea treatment, your pest control professional will provide you with a list of the items you should perform. If you've chosen to hire a pest control provider for the service, there are steps you'll need to take to prepare.

Before performing this or any other service, professional pest control operators (OCP) will generally provide you with a specific list of preparedness activities that need to be completed before they arrive. The active ingredients have two long-acting components to help control fleas and break the reproductive life cycle. When all efforts to vacuum and wash to break the reproductive cycle have failed, it is recommended that a licensed pest control professional perform liquid or aerosol flea treatments. These fleas were in a pre-adult or “pupal” stage of development at the time of initial treatment and have not yet come into direct contact with the adulticide used to control them.

Prior to the service, a pest control professional will come to your home to check the situation and develop a treatment plan based on your personal circumstances. Whether you need to treat your home, yard, or both, a pest control expert will be able to eliminate fleas from your home in no time. The following are some of the most common recommendations made by OCPs and should also be followed before using any over-the-counter pest control product yourself. If this doesn't work, you can always contact a professional to take more comprehensive and effective flea control measures.

Before flea extermination takes place, your pest control expert will likely give you a list of tasks that you must complete ahead of time. Fortunately, pest control professionals are available who can exterminate insects quickly and efficiently. During treatment, your pest control professional will excuse you and your pets from the house for a period of a few hours. Pets with known flea problems should be treated and maintained with a veterinarian-approved flea control product, such as Frontline Plus.

Whether you decide to try to control them yourself or work with a pest control company, it's essential that the house, pet (s) and yard, if applicable, receive treatment at the same time.

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