Which pest is best?

Adult green lacewings feed on pollen and nectar, but their larvae, which look like a mixture between a slug and an alligator, feed on soft-bodied garden pests, such as caterpillars and aphids. Spiders, while technically arachnids rather than insects, are often overlooked as beneficial, but they are very effective in controlling pests. Because they are attracted to their prey by movement, they eat a lot of live insects. Jumping spiders and wolf spiders (pictured) are especially good at keeping pests under control.

Soldier beetles are a major predator of Mexican bean beetles, Colorado potato beetles, caterpillars, and aphids. Like many beneficial, they are attracted to plants that have compound flowers, such as Queen Anne's lace and yarrow. Orkin has been in business since 1901 and the company has created an award-winning technician certification program. All Orkin technicians are trained in a 30,000 square foot facility in Georgia, which has a full-size model for practicing pest control techniques.

Orkin professionals receive more than 160 hours of instruction during the first year to ensure quality of service. We contacted Orkin to comment on the disadvantages listed here and did not receive a response from the company. While Hawx isn't as widely available as other providers on the list, we found it to be better for replacement treatments thanks to its satisfaction guarantee. Yes, many pest control companies offer a guarantee of their services, with a free service offer between visits if any pests return.

Orkin, Terminix and Hawx offer repair warranties. Orkin also offers a money-back guarantee on its in-home services. We recommend that you request quotes from the three companies listed above to evaluate your options and find the best price and service for your situation. You may prefer Orkin because of its impressive service history and friendly technicians or Terminix because of its low prices.

Finally, those in the areas Hawx serves may prefer a more personalized regional touch for their pest control. We chose Orkin and Terminix as our best options for pest control because of their extensive experience in pest management and extermination. Both companies offer pest control services nationwide and offer high-quality customer service and resources. Professionals are also certified and trained for the job, so clients don't have to worry about whether they are investing in the right people.

Termites require specialized treatment compared to other insects that invade your home, and Terminix is one of the best pest control services dealing with these nefarious wood-eating insects. The company was the first to obtain a patent for termite control products in 1932, which helped the company become a major force in the pest control industry. Terminix has a four-star average of 4 out of 5 according to reviewers in Consumer Affairs. Beyond its overall pest control plan, the company offers additional services, such as attic insulation and lawn treatments, to address root pest problems.

Most pest control companies offer a general pest control plan that fights common household pests, such as ants, cockroaches, and mice. Pest control companies use first-line equipment and products and can make recommendations on how to ensure that your home is not susceptible to an infestation. To determine which pest control professional is best for your home, you need to understand what you can expect from your pest control service. If you're experiencing a full-blown pest, it may be worth calling a professional pest control company.

A customer service agent is usually the first person a landlord talks to when hiring a pest control service. With many pest control services, you pay for your specialized expertise and the convenience factor of not having to do the work yourself. For stellar mid-Atlantic pest control services, your best option may be Viking Pest Control, which serves New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. Before committing to a pest control service, you may have questions about the chemicals the company uses and how their treatments work.

One of the first and most important questions to ask yourself is what methods of pest control the company normally uses. A concern many homeowners have when choosing a pest control company is the effect chemical pesticides will have on the health of their family's pets. Remember that if you resort to using chemical pesticides to control insects, you will often kill good and bad bugs alike. Pest control companies begin with an inspection before developing a treatment plan and routinely monitor your home at quarterly or bimonthly intervals.

The best exterminators and pest control companies will know why pests invade local homes, how to eliminate them, and how to prevent future infestations. . .

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